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The Squash Guy

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Craig has been playing and teaching squash professionally since the early 1980’s.  To pursue his career he moved from Australia to England. Once there, he coached at several clubs in and around London and was the Surrey Junior County Coach for several years. He coached at Eton College and travelled with the team on two International tours, Kenya and Zimbabwe in 1988 and Bermuda and the United States in 1990. He served as head squash coach at the Surbiton Lawn Tennis and Squash Club and The Roehampton Club.  At that time he become a qualified level III teaching professional and an instructor for the England Squash Rackets Association in their coaching education department.
Early in the 1990’s Craig moved to Philadelphia to take the position as Head Squash Coach at the Cynwd Club. During his stay there he became involved with the United States Squash Rackets Association, and developed the coaching certification program.  He became Director of Coaching Development, and is still involved with teaching coaching courses across the country. He has trained over 150 coaches in the program to date.
 In 1993, Craig was appointed as the US National Women’s coach, and led the team at 3 International competitions. The 1994 World Team Championships in Guernesy, the 1995 Pan American Games in Argentina, and the 1996 World Championships in Malaysia.
From 1995-1999 Craig joined the intercollegiate ranks, where he coached at Vassar College in the Hudson Valley.  He was the Head Coach for both the Men’s and Women’s programs and an Associate Professor in the Physical Education Department.
 In 1999,  Craig became the Head Coach of Men’s Squash at the University of Pennsylvania in Philadelphia. The team quickly moved up the rankings under Craig’s direction and became a top 8 nationally ranked team. Their highest Ivy League ranking of 3rd place came during the 2006-07 season.  
Craig has coached many 1st and 2nd Team All Americans and All Ivy players.  He was involved with the College Squash Association for over ten years, and has served as committee member, treasurer and president of the association.
Craig is currently based in the Hudson Valley where he is coaching at various clubs and schools in the region.  For the past two years he has assisted with the varsity team at Bard College. Last year he served as tournament director for the College Squash Association and ran The Men’s Team Championships, The Howe Cup, and The Individual Championships.   He has recently been named as Squash Coach at the Poughkeepsie Tennis and Squash Club.